Your manuscript has been sitting neglected on your desk.

How long will you let it stay there?

You want to work on it, but you can never seem to find the time.

When you do find the time, you feel anxious and afraid you’re going to do something wrong – that you’ll spend your precious, limited time writing crap. You’re scared that you’ll never send anything out for review, and that you won’t get promoted, or won’t get tenure.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can take control of your writing!

The Productivity Pipeline is a 6-month, one on one coaching program designed to help you write more manuscripts.  During the program, you’ll develop a clear pipeline of writing projects, a schedule of daily and weekly writing tasks tied to weekly and monthly goals, and a sense of well-being about your overall writing trajectory.

The Benefits You'll Receive:

  • Clarity – an organized, realistic writing and publishing plan.

  • Predictability – you won’t be scrambling to find time to write.

  • Consistency – you’ll write regularly, make progress, and avoid binge-writing.

  • Calm – you won’t feel anxiety about being unproductive because you’ll actually be productive.

  • Confidence – you’ll feel capable of completing your writing projects because you’ll have a system in place that banishes overwhelm and makes your writing routine.

Academic writing is often viewed as a solitary affair, but Dr. Jane Jones is trying to change that perception. Because she is not just an editor, but also a sociologist, she is able to provide incisive comments on everything from “big picture” framing issues to the best way to respond to reviewers to word choices. And better yet, handing a paper off to Jane when you are too busy to make progress on it yourself feels like progress! I recently did just this with a nearly-completed R&R that had been languishing on my desk for too long. A few weeks later, thanks to Jane’s quick feedback, I was able to send it back to the journal knowing that the revised manuscript was as strong as possible. I have already recommended her to colleagues and graduate students.

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Jane Jones, PhD

I’ve worked with clients in medicine, the social sciences, and humanities. They have sought my support at various stages of their careers. I’ve helped all of them to develop better writing habits and gain control of their publishing trajectories. I can do this because I’ve been there as a tenure-track professor, and I have implemented systems that work for academic writers from diverse backgrounds. My process is data-driven yet iterative: I do the work of researching and testing so you don’t have to.

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