Working with Jane truly has been amazing. My confidence is so much higher and I feel that I have a  good path set for my writing.   

Imelda ReyesAssistant Professor of NursingEmory University

Writing is more exciting. I’m not afraid of my writing anymore.

Assistant Professor

We let writing go to the bottom of the pile, so learning how to make it part of my workflow has really helped…I am a more efficient, productive writer.

Assistant Professor

Working with Jane has improved my work and my life. Like many faculty, I am guessing, I finish my papers while also having to do other things – teaching, doing research, administration, childcare, doing laundry, writing other papers, for example. Knowing that I can call in Jane at various stages of the writing and publication process to support a paper is incredibly helpful. Jane helps me get things done, and she helps me maintain my confidence that I can, eventually, turn my ideas into contributions. I know that Jane is an accomplished academic herself, and I value her expertise and judgement enormously.

Assistant ProfessorResearch University

I emailed Jane in a rush when I needed help editing an article due in for a journal in just a few days.  Jane was so prompt, professional, and quick with excellent and thorough edits; she made the final stages of my publication process smooth sailing. I was at ease knowing I had such a professional looking over my work.  The service is top notch, the quality of her edits superb, and the comfort of knowing Jane’s eyes will double check the text:  that is priceless.

Associate Professor, Sociology

I am so thankful I discovered Up In Consulting. I worked with Jane on an especially difficult R&R. The paper is much better because of her editing and expertise and it was a pleasure to work with her. I’ll definitely be working with her again!

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Preparing materials for the academic job market can truly be a chore—you are required to distill your scholarly work and identity into a few short paragraphs. Additionally, there are often unsaid expectations of these materials that long tenured faculty overlook. Jane’s eye for precision and succinctness whipped my materials into shape, from the structure of my documents and clarity of my ideas, to the flow of my writing. Additionally, Jane’s experience obtaining a tenure track faculty job post-2008 recession means that she has recent experience navigating a competitive academic job market. Working with Jane not only improved my materials but also made me feel more confident as a scholar on the academic job market.

Graduate Student, Sociology

At 52 years old I decided to do a masters. If that was not scary enough, a 52 year old with dyslexia to add to the stress level.  I had many decades of experience and knowledge and the thought of writing a academic paper, never mind a dissertation was as daunting as learning “Klingon.” Jane was amazing; tough and direct at times, but the push I needed to write.  With Jane’s patience, guidance and persistence I have achieved my dream.

Graduate Student

Jane’s excellence as an editor lies in her ability to assist with all levels and stages of the writing process. From line editing to creating a cohesive narrative, Jane has exceptional attention to detail while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. She has worked with me on article manuscripts, job market materials, and a book prospectus. Her feedback is prompt and exhaustive, and she is a pleasure to work with.

Post-Doc, Sociology

One deception perpetrated in scholarly work is that articles or books typically only list one or two authors, obscuring all the help and collective effort that goes into producing a piece of scholarly writing.  If it weren’t for these conventions, everything I’ve written would have Jane’s name on it. Jane has been an invaluable resource and guiding hand to me. Whether in my book or my journal articles, my writing has benefitted tremendously from her discerning eye. She has provided insight to me at all stages of the writing process: from the initial conceptual, organizational work to final touch-up, copy editing and everything in between. To her, I owe not only my prose’s coherence, but the quality of how my thinking is presented to the larger field. I can’t sing her praises enough and count myself incredibly fortunate that she’s read every word I’ve written.

Owen WhooleyAssistant ProfessorUniversity of New Mexico